Commercial and public facilities

Public and commercial buildings must capture the spirit of the people around them. They need to be visually appealing, comfortable, flexible, safe and effective to be a pleasure to be in. These buildings pay for themselves, adding real value to their owners and users.

Multi-storey residential buildings

 In residential buildings, in addition to reliability, the main value is the layout of the living space. A successful layout depends on many conditions (weather, direction of light and wind, area, etc.), in which the living area will be bright, comfortable, convenient and at the same time effectively use the limited living space.


Industrial and agricultural facilities

 Manufacturing facilities must be extremely reliable and easy to use. Reliability concerns the structural elements of the building, fire extinguishing systems, ventilation, security, automation and communications. We cooperate with various specialized organizations in the following areas: Pre-Feasibility Study, Feasibility Study, automation, fire extinguishing system, telecommunication networks and transformer substations.

Villages, parks and squares

Parks, suburban campuses or a new development area must be carefully planned, respecting all the rules and regulations, and at the same time be original. Urban and landscape designers need to know how to put forward the empirical attributes that make a place memorable and inviting and make people more likely to be there.